Motivation and finding self-motivation

Motivation and finding self-motivation

Do you find it hard to get motivated sometimes? Me too! Here are some ways I find that help in my own motivation mission!

Finding Motivation in the Little Things

Are you one of those people that have a difficult time finding the motivation to get things done? One of the biggest misconceptions in life is that motivation will simply fall into your lap and everything will be great! C’mon – surely you know this is not what actually happens in the real world. Success is all about action! Take action now!

Do you wait for some gigantic “thing” to happen and then think this is what will motivate you? Stop kidding yourself – in the end you will bail anyway because your initial expectations were unreasonable. So, of course, when this just doesn’t happen, people become dejected and just completely give up on whatever they were looking for motivation for in the first place!

This is just not the way to go! Instead of waiting for motivation to magically appear, why not try creating your own motivation? Why? because you can… and it’s easier than you might think!

Finding Little Things to Motivate You

The first thing to do is to ensure you have an environment that is conducive to healthy motivation.

What does this mean? Well, it simple terms, it means you need a clutter-free workspace, a computer monitor at a comfortable height and a comfortable chair at your desk. Ergonomics plays a big part in positive energy. If you are not comfortable, these things can zap you of your energy and motivation in a big hurry.

How can you expect yourself to be motivated?

How can you expect yourself to be motivated if you have a sore neck or a sore back all day long? You’ll be too busy worrying about carpal tunnel or back spasms and you’ll need to get off task every 5 minutes to adjust your positioning!

Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly. “How much better would I feel and would my attitude change if I worked in a place that I actually liked to spend time in?” I know the answer! Think about it – so do you!

The moment you sort out your work environment and make it comfortable for yourself and content with your needs, you’ll instantly take action, find the motivation to get started and follow through.

How to identify your motivational factors

Everyone has different and unique motivational factors. That means what works for your co-workers or friends may not work for you. What you need to do is determine the unique things that excite and motivate you. I treat myself to a regular intake of chocolate! Yummy!….lol) after finishing up something that was important! Now here’s a bonus! Give yourself a bonus! After you have spent all this time achieving whatever it is – give yourself a pat on the back (and a chocolate bar…lol!) and reward yourself for a job well done!

I find more motivation by sprinkling mini-rewards throughout my day for each little task I tick off my daily to-do list. Use the KISS system – keep it simple stupid! You’ll alleviate yourself of self-pressure at the same time, and get heaps more out of the way in a shorter period of time!

How to Find Motivation on the Computer

Even your computer can be a source of motivational energy. Find a great personal development site and bookmark it! Look at this sites motivational quotes stories or other when you need that extra boost and just might just find the inspiration and motivation you need to soldier on!

Find a free inspiring wallpaper for your computer and download it. There are plenty of motivational images and quotes, so there’s no shortage of motivation right on your desktop. You can refresh your desktop wallpaper every day, week, or month if you want.

Using the power of motivating imagery is free and requires little time. This method is a prime example of finding motivation in the little things. So go get started and have a productive day!

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