Motivation and Appreciation

Children need to know that their parents love them. Parents can see the child through focus, appreciation and motivation. Motivation helps the child feel comfortable and it is sure that he will face new challenges. It is a good way to teach new capabilities through appreciation and motivation.

Often most of the children do more things that they get attention from the elders. Parents should draw their attention to the positive attitude of the child. Appreciation and encouragement will allow the child to have a better attitude. Self-esteem is strong, the relationship between parents and children improves, the home environment is good, and the child is easily readily learning and learning for a good relationship.

More appreciation and motivation is not harmful. There are no negative aspects of praise and encouragement.

Good definition features:

  1. Motivations are in clear words and know what’s being appreciated

“You have to keep your shoes in the closet and jacket upside down”

Except for “it’s good.”

  1. Test with new and better behavior or work

“It’s a good thing that you got early in the morning and went to school at the moment”

Instead, it is “good that you went to school.”

  1. Just say good things to motivate, do not make negative comments after commenting

“It is very good that you have done school work before evening meal” instead

“It is very good that you have done school work before evening meal, why do not you do daily like your sister”

  1. Short and honestly motivate

“You cleaned the meal table and helped me, thank you for it.”

Except that

“You are the best helpers in the world. You have done a great job this morning, to pick up all the plates and keep it in the kitchen, then clean them in the sink.”

  1. Use language for motivations that children understand

” Thank you that you did what I said and kept quiet when I was calling”

Except that

“I am grateful to your understanding and the proper procedure that you quietly applied on my request when I was busy talking about the phone.”

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